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Finnish Contract German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet


These are genuine military issue German made M40 WWII style helmets. The leather liners and chinstraps were made in Finland for the Finnish army who called it the M55 helmet.


This is a rare chance to own a genuine military issue German made M40 WWII style helmet for the almost the same price as a reproduction. There is simply no comparison to a genuine combat helmet! These WWII helmet stocks are from the government of Finland and are 100% genuine German manufactured WWII type M40 steel combat helmets that were produced by German WWII helmet manufacturer Hans Römer Fabrik from Neu-Ulm (Donau-Freiberg).

Supplied throughout WWII and then under special contract for the Finnish Army in 1955, they have become known as the M40/55 helmet. However, these helmets were made in the same factory, on the same machines and by some of the very same people that produced them for Germany in WWII. They are nearly identical to WWII issue M40’s with the classic rolled edge, correct steel thickness and pressed ventilation holes. Furthermore, we have very good reason to believe that some of these shells are “sanitized” German WWII M35 and M40 helmets; meaning some are genuine WWII shells that had all stampings rubbed out and original paint removed to avoid the allied ban on West Germany selling war material after WWII.

The leather liners and chinstraps were made in Finland for the Finnish army who called it the M55 helmet; styles vary as some of the helmets were used up until the early 1970s. We sell these helmets based on the interior liner size, not shell size.

Available in sizes 7-1/8, 7-1/4 (add $10) and 7-3/8 (add $10).

Styles and colors (Field Grey, Field Green) may vary slightly. Each helmet is offered in good to very good condition, but will show storage wear, minor paint chips and scratches and occasionally a small ding, but all are free of major dents or imperfections. These are real military helmets that were used by actual soldiers in the defense of their country.


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Write a Review
The sizes are small, which fits but what I’m impressed and I know as a fact that those dings could be not be done by been in storage. Someone hammered those helmets many times. If you think about it the helmets are built with a very strong steel for obvious reasons
- Ricardo, June 17, 2021
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Fair condition
- Dennis, February 08, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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This helmet seemed to run a bit small for me. I normal where a size 7 1/8 to 7 1/4 depending on make. For this helmet I needed to be size 7 3/8 for a good comfortable fit.
Atlanta Cutlery did a great job swapping me out helmets to get the one I needed. I was not able to read my helmets shell size possibly from being repainted but the liners are clearly marked in the metric sizes 57, 58, 59.

The helmets seem to be arsenal refurbished and put up, the liners seem to have very little use, the helmets appear redone and put up for storage. With scratches and possible small dints from long term storage the helmets smell fine though.

Also as seen in the pictures they do have an extra hole on each side of the helmets, might have been for a type of Finnish chin strap I don't know but they are not being used.

Overall I am very happy with this helmet!

- Michael, December 15, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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