Firefighter Stein with Lid


This custom made Italian glass stein has a removable German pewter lid. The detailed badge is a replica fire department's Maltese cross.
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This heavy, beautiful stein was custom made from Italian glass and German pewter with a fire crest designed just for this mug. The smooth, sturdy glass body is tapered with a starburst pattern on the bottom. The heavy gauge pewter lid is easily removed and re-attached by simply tightening and loosening special threaded hinge pin with a screwdriver. After battling blazes, you’ll want a cold drink and from a stein that honors that effort.
  • Overall: 6-1/2" tall
  • Capacity: 13-1/2 oz


Products specifications
Overall 6-1/2" tall
Capacity 13-1/2 oz


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Products specifications
Overall 6-1/2" tall
Capacity 13-1/2 oz
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