Fixed Blade or Folder?

Which is better – the fixed blade or the folder knife? That’s a hard one. Both styles have their share of fans and their worth depends on the environment they are used. Here, we summarize what they bring to the table.

A fixed blade knife is one solid piece of steel with no moving parts, which makes it less likely to break. Due to this durability, and their greater length and strength, fixed blade knives make for perfect outdoor companions.  They can perform tasks that are invaluable in the wild, such as chopping, prying, digging, hammering, and hunting. Also, they are relatively cheaper than folding knives and require little effort to clean. However, while fixed blades are great for rugged work, they are not as convenient as their folding counterparts.

folding knife is easier to carry because of its small size. It fits in the pocket, hence the term “pocket knife.” Folding knives are better for tasks that require skill and precision; for instance, extracting objects from crevices, opening boxes and cans, peeling fruit, fishing (cutting line, removing hooks). While they may not have the toughness of fixed blades, folding pocket knives are far from soft and are in many ways safer and less hassling. They also do not draw much attention.

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