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Florentine Cinquedea


This Renaissance period short sword (or long dagger) has a sharpened, double-edged 1055 high carbon blade. Highly engraved guard and pommel, hand-carved rosewood grip. Leather scabbard with engraved steel throat and chape included. Overall 20-1/2 inches.


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The unique cinquedea (ching-kwi-dey-uh) gained popularity as the sidearm of choice for noblemen walking through the narrow alleyways and walled cities of Italy. The name cinquedea means "five fingers", and it describes the width of the blade next to the guard. A blade worn exclusively for civilian self-defense, it was essentially the precursor to the civilian side sword and the rapier – and yet, this instrument of personal protection seems to have owed much of its design to fashion as it did to the cut and thrust of mortal combat! Surviving examples of these unusual short-handled and steeply tapered blades are often highly embellished and ornate.

Cold Steel's Florentine Cinquedea has a highly engraved guard and pommel and a hand-carved rosewood grip. The double edge of the dagger is expertly sharpened and the Cinquedea is sold complete with a leather scabbard with engraved steel throat and chape.

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Write a Review
I've eyeballed this one long enough.
I fully want one, however I absolutely  need a custom full metal scabbard, much akin to the fashion of the dragoon sabers.

Most every circumstance  I can say with gusto, that any blade I hunt for comes with such quality and durability as this.
- Nathaniel, December 27, 2022
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