French WWI Nail Knife

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This is a stellar replica of a very scarce “French Nail” (Clous Français) steel knuckle bow combat knife. A crude stabbing weapon, but effective. They were produced at a number of French front-line ''parcs d’artillerie’ utilizing steel salvaged from the reinforced concrete of German field fortifications and possibly made from the metal posts the Germans used to hold barbed wire. The handle was made by bending the post to form a knuckle guard. The blade is double-edged, flattened to form a robust piercing point with a prominent medial rib. Includes wood box sheath with /leather strap which was pictured with the original. Shown in Frederick Stephen’s Fighting Knives, page 23. Cannot use Paypal as payment.
  • Overall: 12-1/2"
  • Blade: 7"
  • Wt:14 oz