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German SEL OB/ZB Field Phone



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First introduced as the Model 1933, these field communication telephones were produced virtually unchanged up until the late 1960s. Each comes in its own bakelite case and operates with the use of two 1.5 volt Batteries (D-Cell) and a fold out crank handle to initiate a ring.  Case has built in electrical circuit schematics. Used by the German Army throughout WWII and continued in service for another 25 years into the Cold War era. These are of post war production dating mostly from the 1957-1966 and each has a data plate. Virtually identical to WWII production. Each is authentic and a real treasure. Sold in "storage condition", good, but some may not be working (sorry, no choice).
  • Approximately 7" tall, 10" wide, 4" deep


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