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German WWII Trench Knife

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This full tang WWII replica knife features a hardwood grip. Black finished metal sheath included. Overall 10-5/8 inches.
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This is a quality reproduction German WWII Trench Knife with full tang. Hardwood grips are pinned in place. Worn on belt or as a boot knife, black finished metal sheath has boot/belt clip.

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Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


Products specifications
Overall Length 10-5/8"
Blade Length 6"
Weight 4.5 oz
Material black finish metal


Excellent knife and scabbard.
Reviewed by: William, August 31, 2017
The knife met and exceeded my expectations.  The wood was darker than pictured but was well fitted and quite the match for other old original German Knives that I possess.
I am very pleased with the two knives that I ordered and thought they were fairly priced at the sale price under which I bought the.
Reviewed by: Joseph, April 13, 2017
did not really look like the picture, the handle was darker, soaked in oil, and not very well contoured. the scabbard was very lose, the knife will fall out if you flip it upside down, its fixable but not great.  
Reviewed by: Bryce, April 14, 2016
This knife was not as good as other Windlass Steel knives that I have purchased.  The scales were not pinned very well.  The blade did make up for the scales deficiency, however. I believe that this knife style dates back before World War One, so it would be an excellent belt knife for an early 20th Century rig.
Reviewed by: Sherwin, January 29, 2016
Not the best quality but it will do for what I plan on using it for.
Reviewed by: John, December 13, 2015
It more than met my expectations It is well made, sturdy, and just simply cool! Thank you for a great product. The only think I would say negative is .perhaps the blade could be held a bit more snugly in the scabbard. It is a bit loose. I have owned several orginal Germany WWII bayonets and the blades are held very snugly in the scabbards.
But all in all I love it
Reviewed by: David, August 16, 2015

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Products specifications
Overall Length 10-5/8"
Blade Length 6"
Weight 4.5 oz
Material black finish metal
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