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Heron Katana



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Gorgeous and deadly was the katana, some say the perfect sword. It’s hard to argue with this beauty. This Heron Katana has a stylized heron tsuba with matching accents.

This sword is extremely well balanced for ultra fast and supremely efficient cuts. The speed and power is undeniable. It’s very hard to find truly traditional fittings and even harder to afford them, but this does admirably well. The solid metal parts have intricate carvings, handle has genuine ray skin wrapped the traditional way with cotton. Blade is hand forged, high carbon steel with real hamon (temper line) for a hard edge and softer spine to absorb and disperse impact. Razor sharp. Includes matching hand carved wood scabbard.
  • Overall length: 40-1/2“
  • Blade length: 26-1/2“
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