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The line of Honshu weapons offers sleek, modern elegance with a serious bite! Each of these powerful blades is razor-sharp and features unrivaled rock-solid steel construction, giving you the tactical advantage in the real world. There is no better fusion of traditional ideals with modern innovation than Honshu!

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Honshu Midnight Forge Gladiator Sword

This is an ultra-modern update of the historical gladius favored by gladiators in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Honshu Legionary Dagger

The Legionary Dagger has a satin-finished leaf-shaped blade with double fullers and a penetrating point. The handle is uniquely shaped with texturing and deep grooves to provide a sure grip, and the tang has a skull crusher extension past the end of the handle.

Honshu Broadsword

This is a modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design. This sword has sleek, rugged tactical engineering with perfect blade-to-hilt balancing. Includes a black wooden scabbard with a leather belt hanger.


Honshu Crusader Quillon Dagger

This knife has a sharp, satin finish 1060 carbon steel blade with a blood groove. The injection-molded TPR handle is textured and ridged, providing a secure, slip-free grip even in wet conditions.

Honshu Gladiator Sword

There is no better fusion of traditional ideals with modern innovation than the Honshu Gladiator Sword. It has a sharp, stainless steel blade with a fuller and weight-reducing thru-holes. The textured and ridged, injection-molded TPR handle gives you a secure, slip-free grip even when the conditions are wet.

Honshu Spartan Sword

This reimagining of an ancient weapon has a full-tang, stainless steel blade that has a phenomenally sharp blade that features a classic blood groove and modern, weight-reducing thru-holes in the spine. The hefty stainless steel guard is curved back toward the handle, giving your hand a sturdy buffer and assisting in firming up your grip when using the knife. The ergonomic, TPR injection handle is tough and grippy with finger grooves and a textured pattern

Honshu Sword Cane

The unique design features a tonfa styled handle grip, the reverse of a normal walking cane. The handle is gripped underhand like a traditional Asian tonfa, created a more secure non-slip hold for walking and allowing for a quick release and thrust-punch of the blade spike.


Honshu Practice Broadsword

Constructed from the highest grade of polypropylene available and closely mimicking an actual Medieval broadsword in length, size, weight, and feel, United Cutlery's practice sword is virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff and cut resistant.