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Hook Self Defense Cane


This Hook Self-Defense Cane is constructed of strong fiber-filled nylon making it almost indestructible. The end of the hook comes to a point which really grabs onto opponents.


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Constructed of strong fiber-filled nylon, this Night Watchmen Hook Self-Defense Cane is almost indestructible and supports you on urban adventures. It has a slip-resistant removable rubber toe. The shaft can be cut to adjust the height of the cane to suit your needs. The end of the hook comes to a point that really grabs onto opponents. Instructions for shortening included. Not meant to be used for medical purposes.
  • Overall: 39” long
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Write a Review
I love this cane so much I have to order it twice
I'm a Canon endorsed photographer and I wanted this cane for many reasons. When I'm hiking and even when I'm shooting in the city, it has a very intimidating look that makes people not want to mess with me. I've shot in some pretty sketchy places in DT Phoenix and always felt an added sense of security. I have 2 young kids and they loved to carry it or hold it and felt safe with it. I had wrapped the handle with 30 ft of black rope and it really made the cane look so BA when I left it on a grocery shopping cart, realized it, went back to the store and looked and asked everywhere and it was gone, which I was not surprised because I would get a lot of compliments on the cane. I have 2 hernias and it assisted when needed. I even would use it as a grocery bag hook from time to time. I'm pissed at myself for forgetting it for that ten minutes. It took 6 hrs to wrap it in a fancy rope tie and then use a hardener to keep it all together and solid. Be ordering another one ASAP.
- Richard, January 12, 2023 | Verified Purchase
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I bought this  for my husband, at his request.  Although he’s almost 71, he does not yet need any help walking.  Rather, he chose this as an off the radar self defense device.  He loves it and carries it everywhere.  He gets self defense tips on using his cane from videos on YouTube.

He searched the net on how to measure the length he needed and trimmed his to the recommended 35’.  The rubber toe is screwed on, so he had to drill a new hole for the shortened cane.  BTW, the screw is sunken within the toe, so it cannot scratch the floor, etc.
After some use, he felt the cane was still uncomfortable long.  Checking his net sites again, one of them warned to include the thickness of the toe in adjusting the length..  My husband says he’ll get around to that soon.

Bill is so happy with his cane, he has endorsed it on both his Twitter and Parler accounts.  His counters on those posts show there was a significant number of readers who opened up the Atlanta Cutlery site for this product.  Maybe that why their stocks are down to two canes at this writing!

Bill’s advice is to get them while you can!
- Ella, December 02, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Great cane, perfect size, will work well in wet days.
- John, October 24, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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This cane is similar to a combat cane that was sold by Newt Livesay a few years ago.  It is different in a few ways, including:  
* This cane is glass-reinforced nylon, not wood
* The radius of the crook is smaller than on the Livesay cane
* Unlike the Livesay cane, this cane is cylindrical for its entire length
* The instructions for adjusting the length of the cane were NOT included.

The cane seems very rigid and durable, and doesn't require the cleaning and maintenance that wood needs.
- James, October 14, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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