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Hunters Specialties

Hunters Specialties builds purpose-driven tools for serious hunters, and have since the beginning. No gimmicks. Every piece of gear that bears the Hunters Specialties name is born from experience. Their drive as hunters makes them 100% committed to making you more effective and efficient in the field. Find scents, calls, and hunting accessories you can count on.

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Coyote Dog Howler

The Coyote Dog Howler is the only coyote predator call you'll ever need. It has tone slots for a wide range of sounds so you can produce all the vocalizations necessary, including yelps, howls, barks, and whines. It also produces squalls to lure mountain lions, foxes, bears, bobcats, and other predators. Made in the USA.

Hooter Barred Owl Locator

The Hooter Owl call’s design consistently produces true tones that won’t vary from one call to the next. It’s entirely water-resistant and won’t crack or expand. Made in the USA.

Drury Outdoors Crow Locator

A turkey will respond to anything close to a decent crow call, but these wooden inserts sound extremely realistic and have a very high-pitched natural sound they can’t help but gobble too.