Imperial O Tanto

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This Japanese Tanto knife features a fully sharpened 1055 carbon steel blade and traditionally wrapped, ray skin covered hilt. It comes with black lacquered scabbard and a blue-violet cover bag. Overall 19-3/8 inches.
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Cold Steel uses only traditional materials for the fittings of their Japanese Imperial swords. The Tsuba (guard), Fuchi (collar) and Kashira (pommel) are expertly made and finely crafted in nickel-silver brass.

The Habaki (blade collar) of this O Tanto is hand made out of nickel-silver brass and the hilt is covered in Samé (ray skin) and tightly wrapped in the traditional style with black silk cord. A beautiful Menuki (a small ornamental sculpture inserted between the ray skin and the cord wrappings on the handle) enhances this traditional sword's appearance.

Features a fully sharpened 1055 carbon steel blade, heat treated to a spring temper. The blade surface is then given a careful polish by hand, with a distinctive mirror polish applied to the fuller (blood groove). Comes with black lacquered scabbard and a blue-violet cover bag. 

Key Measurements:

  • Overall: 19-3/8"
  • Blade: 13-1/4" long, 5/16" thick
  • Wt: 18.8 oz

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