Iron Man The Movie: Iron Monger Helmet

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This item has been retired by the manufacturer.

Retired, No Longer Available!
The Iron Monger armor, manufactured by Stane International and code-named I-M Mark One, is an armored battle-suit of "omnium steel", containing various offensive weaponry and amplified strength. Since the Iron Monger armor was based on Tony Stark’s original plans which Stane stole, it is a modified version of Stark Industries Iron Man MK 1 design. The armor was made larger than the armor of Iron Man to be proportionally stronger. Hand forged steel w/ full internal padding and plastic tinted eye lens exactly as the prop was made. Includes display base and hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 250 of the arch villain will be made (we can’t have too many of you running around). One size fits, well everyone. This thing is appropriately huge and perfect 1:1 scale. Approx 14” tall x 11.5” wide x 13” deep. 5 lbs. These will not last. Can ship to US and Canada only.