Italian WWII Beretta 38A Folding Bayonet

windlass steelcrafts manufactured discontinued items



This item has been retired by the manufacturer.

Incredibly rare, we were able to find a Beretta 38A Folding Bayonet in a private collection and painstakingly reproduced it for the first time. The Italian Beretta folding bayonet is a fully functional curiosity from WWII. Features the same button release mechanism that allows the ricasso to be pulled out, pivoted and slid back into either position.

Open it's a bayonet, closed it acts like a knife. It has a high carbon steel blade and is a unique find with a smart, dual purpose. Includes original spec metal sheath.

  • Overall: 11-1/4"
  • Blade: 6-3/4"

Note: Fits the Beretta model 38A SMG. Collector's take note, this is a very important bayonet and one that should be in any WWII enthusiasts collection. All parts from steel to wood have been replicated to original issue specs.

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Made by Windlass Steelcrafts