Joseph Rodgers & Sons Spear Point Folder Camel Bone Scales

windlass steelcrafts manufactured discontinued items

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
50 units


This item has been retired by the manufacturer.

In the year 1825, Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlery opened an opulent, spectacular showroom on Norfolk Street in Sheffield, England. The elegant emporium displayed a bewildering assortment of the company's excellent wares: fine penknives, work knives, hunting knives, even that fearsome fighting knife created in the American wilderness - the Bowie. The idea of a manufacturer selling its products in its own facilities was a relatively new idea at the time; many of the first visitors didn't even realize the knives in the fancy cabinets could be purchased. But it wasn't long before the showroom became world-famous and customers (even royalty) trekked from all over to bask in the reflected light of a thousand mirror polished blades.

This is a faithful reproduction of their spear point pattern, a large, heavy-duty folder for tough work. All the original blade markings are recreated, even the "TO STRIKE FIRE" instruction near the spine. (This knife pattern predated matches, so the spine could be struck across a flint or other spark-making substance). The right side of the carbon steel blade is stamped with the star and maltese cross mark. The left side of the tang is stamped "#6 Norfolk St, Sheffield, England", the address of the factory. The blade crisply "walks and talks" and has a half stop position. A tough-as-nails reproduction of a proven centuries-old design. Polished camel bone scales and a brass shackle. Made in limited numbers by Windlass Steelcrafts.

  • Overall: 11-1/4"
  • Blade: 5-1/4"