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Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife


Cold Steel's Laredo Bowie features a long, heavy blade made from A-2 steel, which is precision ground and heat-treated to produce incredible cutting power and perfect balance. It has a four and a half-inch long sharpened clip point and a rich, polished Black Micarta Grip.


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Awesome is the only adjective that even begins to describe Cold Steel's Laredo Bowie. In fact, it really has to be seen to be appreciated, since mere words just don’t do it justice. It features a long, heavy blade made from A-2 Steel, which is precision ground and heat-treated to produce incredible cutting power and perfect balance. And, as an added bonus, it is given an absolutely ferocious cutting edge that terminates in a dagger-sharp point.

To further enhance its versatility and efficiency as a weapon, it sports a four and a half-inch long sharpened clip point that helps facilitate the deadly back cut, as well as a wide variety of more conventional cuts and stabbing attacks. The rich, polished Black Micarta Grip is as tough as it is beautiful. It is specially contoured to fit the hand like a glove and to provide a positive grip when cutting, chopping, or thrusting.

To complement the Laredo's incredibly sharp blade and superb handle, Cold Steel carefully forged a unique guard and integral bolster out of a single piece of brass. Both bolster and guard are handsomely detailed and are finished with a fine mirror polish. To keep it safely at your side and ready for action, it comes with Secure-Ex sheath.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length15-11/16"
Blade Length10-1/2"
Blade Thickness5/16"
Weight1 lb / .9 oz
MaterialA-2 Steel


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Write a Review
This is my favorite bowie. It's a real fighter (altho some may say it's really too large to be a real fighter). Sharp and deadly, made of high quality materials to keep an edge. It's a real WEAPON, if you want a do-all knock around camping knife, this may not be for you- at least, I personally wouldnt use mine for camping and trail tasks. I have "work" bowies for that. This one is all business, and my favorite go-to bowie.
- Ranald, June 03, 2022
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Cool steel Bowie Laredo
This is another one of my favourite Bowie Knives. Super sharp right out of the box. And I love the weight, super light, but strong as can be. I’m a Bowie Knife freak, if I were you I would for sure put this one in your collection. Beautiful Bowie knife. Very nice handle, when your getting down on some real chopping, the knife will not move in your hand at all. Little pricey but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s worth ever penny! I would have paid more for that Bowie Knife. And I’m not joking. MATT THE OUTDOORS MAN. Get it. Never have I had a problem with this knife and believe you me I USE IT!
- Matt, July 30, 2018
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The latest version of the laredo bowie comes in O-1 steel with micarta handle and secure ex sheath. The SK-5 steel version has been discontinued by Cold Steel. Most agree that the O-1 steel is an improvement, with higher carbon content and improved edge holding as a result. There are some who believe that the SK-5 steel might be a little tougher, less prone to catastrophic failure or edge chipping. Everyone agrees, though, that you won't notice any difference in performance unless you push the knife to its limits, bacially testing it to destruction. So don't be concerned about the steel. It's an excellent knife whether it's in SK-5 or O-1. No less than an authority than Bill Bagwell has said that this is the best commercially made bowie knife available these days. It can be used for camping and wood processing. The new black micarta handle in the O-1 version feels better in hand than the faux cocobolo wood in the SK-5 version. It's also less prone to cracking. I feel the handle is definitely an improvement. I have both versions now and they are the best production knives I've ever bought.
- Richard, April 13, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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