Viking Ulfberht

Orders - 43
One of the most significant medieval swords, this sports a high carbon steel blade. Grip is wood wrapped with leather. Scabbard included. Overall 35-3/4 inches.

Cold Steel Scimitar

Orders - 1
This Cold Steel Scimitar has a deeply curved blade to facilitate the devastating draw cut. It is beautifully polished with a wide, deep fuller. Includes a thick hand stitched leather scabbard with etched steel throat, chape and carrying rings.

M1 Carbine Non-Firing Replica with Sling

Orders - 1
M1 Carbines were issued in mid-1942 to US troops in Europe. This non-firing replica has a wood body like the original. The bolt and trigger are fully functional and the dummy magazine is detachable. Includes Sling.

German WWII 2nd Model Naval Dagger

Orders - 37
This dagger features intricate brass work and includes dagger knot. The faux ivory grip has a brass wire wrap. Includes a brass sheath. Overall: 15-1/8 inches.

1911 John Wayne Government .45 Limited Edition Replica Pistol

Orders - 1
This is a zinc die-cast, all metal pistol. It is a realistic non-firing replica which has been engraved.

Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Old Scabbard and 2 Knives

Orders - 58
This antique traditional, hand-made Longleaf Kukri includes an original Old Scabbard with 2 small knives. Approx. 19 inches long. Fair Condition.

US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica

Orders - 1
This non firing replica M3 submachine gun has metal construction, features a telescoping stock like the original and a removable magazine.

Pirate Captain's Hanger

Orders - 38
This Pirate Sword is made of antiqued brass and has a steel hilt and a tempered high carbon steel blade. Scabbard included.