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LEO Combat Triple – O Last Ditch



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This is the Law Enforcement Officers Triple – O Last Ditch weapon. Designed by LEO Combat to be easily used in the kind of desperate situation that calls for a knife – deprived of your sidearm, unable to escape. For LEOs, private security and anyone who has thought “what if?” You should always bring a gun to a knife fight (two, really) but when you’re in trouble and you can’t get your gun, this knife could make all the difference.

Combines these life-saving features:
  • (1) Thick 4.5mm, flat-ground stainless steel blade to power through anything.
  • (2) Tall, wedge-shaped plastic guard/grip to keep your hand in place without impairing effectiveness. Finger grooves that guide your hand into position when milliseconds count.
  • (3) Upward oriented cutting edge – because the soft parts of your attacker are best met with an upward thrusting motion.
  • (4) Compact for easy carry on a belt, under the arm on a vest, or in a boot.
  • (5) Sturdy Kydex sheath to keep it close at hand.
  • Overall: 6-5/8
  • Blade: 3-1/4”


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Write a Review
This is a well made knife for the price. Moderately sharp out of the package. Easy to conceal with the belt mount. My only complaint is that it is difficult to draw from the sheath.
- Don, July 01, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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