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Limited Specials

From time to time we get the opportunity to pass along great deals, but these deals that won't last forever. These are limited time offers that can feature items from any of our categories like self defense, historical reproductions, knives, cutlery, swords, period clothing, surplus and even current issue military like certified USMC sabers.

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"Treasure is Where You Find It" Hardcover Book

Treasure Is Where You Find It, the 30 Year Nepal Quest, by Christian Cranmer. The full color narrative of the hunt to save the forgotten arsenal of the Royal Nepalese Gurkha Army. A must for the treasure hunter in all of us. 95 pages in full color, 7-1/2" x 11-1/2".
$29.95 $39.95

Assassin’s Kukri

This steampunk style kukri features a darkened blade, an extra thick tang, cord wrapped handle & antique brass hardware. Overall 17 inches.

Conan Miniature Valeria's Sword Letter Opener

This scaled replica of The Valeria''s Sword captures every detail from the 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie. It is cast in solid metal and includes a wooden presentation box.
$17.95 $29.00

Crecy War Dagger

The Windlass Battlecry double edged Crecy War Dagger has a battle-hardened blue patina and peened full tang. The 1065 high carbon steel is tempered to a low 50s RC. Overall 15 inches.
$94.95 $150.00

English Hunting Dagger

This Dagger's single edge high carbon steel blade is tempered, hand forged and has full tang. Guard and pommel are solid metal with antique brass finish. Overall 14-1/2 inches.
$49.95 $85.00

Fiore War Hammer

This blackened Medieval War Hammer, from Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection, is a high carbon steel, battle ready weapon. Overall 44-1/4 inches.
$174.95 $250.00

Hawksley Replica Brass Pocket Powder Flask

The Brass Pocket Powder Flask is a beautiful replica made of polished brass, like the original by G. & J.W. Hawksley. This Pocket Flask is adjustable in 5⁄16, 1⁄4 and 3⁄16 drams. It has a removable brass head with Sykes flameproof valve. Overall length is 4-7/8 inches.
$19.95 $34.95

Italian Officer’s Dagger

Italian military WWII Officer's dagger has a high carbon steel blade with solid polished steel parts and stained wood grip. Overall 12-7/8 inches.
$89.95 $94.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Assassin’s Kukri

Nice weight, nice balance gret looks!!
Reviewed by: , September 05, 2017

Review of: Long M1 Bayonet with Scabbard

Fit my 1918 manufactured 1903 Springfield perfectly; tight with no alteration (gentle tapping into place or to remove)(the release button worked well for the scabbard and the bayonet mounting lug). I appreciated the all black theme: blade, handle, scabbard. Looks like it belongs. An attractive reproduction. D**n 16 inches is long and definitely impressive. The 1905 version (with blackened blade, not available) might have been closer to technically correct (different scabbard) but I wouldn't want any thing different. The M1 Garand and scabbard version was perfect. Thanks.
Reviewed by: Rand, August 02, 2017

Review of: Italian Officer’s Dagger

Its Nice but the side blades are not high enough. still a nice reproduction.
I wanted this because my dad had one and it diapered. thanks
Reviewed by: Rick, May 08, 2017

Review of: Padded US Sword Saber Carry Case

Great!  Love it!  Thank you!
Reviewed by: Edward, November 06, 2016

Review of: Italian Officer’s Dagger

Very nice product.  Although the blade is not sharp, the quality is excellent.
Reviewed by: Thomas, May 29, 2016

Review of: Hawksley Replica Brass Pocket Powder Flask

this will be a companion to my .31 caliber Remington pocket pistol. Nice quality and just the right size.
Reviewed by: Glenn, May 11, 2016

Review of: Padded US Sword Saber Carry Case

Great case protects sword in transit, a must have item
Reviewed by: Machell, January 04, 2015

Review of: Texas Bowie Knife

Reviewed by: Robert, August 14, 2011

Review of: Texas Bowie Knife

I purchased this item and the Primitive Bowie. I am delighted with both knives. They are extremely well made and the scabbards are exceptional! Thick and close fitting. So satisfied that I've ordered the horn handled Bowie to complete the trilogy.
Reviewed by: kenneth, October 19, 2010