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Long M1 Bayonet with Scabbard


Replica of the highly desirable Long M1 Garand Springfield Bayonet, complete with scabbard. Comes factory sharp.


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The long blade M1 Garand Springfield is arguably the most desirable of all US bayonets and the real ones are almost impossible to find or afford. Our WWII  reproduction is as close to the real thing as possible up to and including 1942 markings with a flaming bomb. Also sold without scabbard (803129). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts and arrives factory sharp.

  • Blade: 16"


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Write a Review
Fit issue.
Bayonet attachment grove for lug was out of alinement with blade such that ring could not be centered over barrel muzzle and thus impinged on end of barrel and ring could not slide over end of barrel. Therefore bayonet could not be attached to any of my several M1 rifles. Returned for exchange but instead was issued a refund.
- Douglas, July 14, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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16" Bayonet with Scabbard
I waited 6 months for the "Museum Quality" reproduction bayonet and scabbard to arrive. Purchased this knowing it was a reproduction, but expected a better quality product from Atlanta Cutlery. The scabbard is not a quality reproduction, black color with a very incorrect profile, (not as pictured on the website). The fit with the bayonet is so bad that the blade rattles inside. The bayonet has a nice appearance at first glance, however the plastic handles fit badly and are crudely fitted, the handle screw position is backwards, it will not fit on either and M1 or a 1903A3, and the "makers mark" is over 1/2" diameter on the blade. The catch button face is center punched in lieu of serrated and the fitment makes it difficult to release the bayonet from the scabbard. Not the quality product advertised nor is it close to the real thing as Atlanta Cutlery advertises. Wish I could post pictures with this review for other customers.
- Marcus, November 05, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Awesome Bayonet
Super awesome reproduction and a way better cost than trying to find an original.
- Jeffrey, June 10, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Long M1 Bayonet with Scabbard
Quality of the bayonet was good but the fit for my M1 Garand was terrible. They paid to have it shipped back to them and they did some filing and fit was better but not perfect. I ended up doing more filing myself to get it to fit all three of my Garands.
- Robert, January 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Fit my 1918 manufactured 1903 Springfield perfectly; tight with no alteration (gentle tapping into place or to remove)(the release button worked well for the scabbard and the bayonet mounting lug). I appreciated the all black theme: blade, handle, scabbard. Looks like it belongs. An attractive reproduction. D**n 16 inches is long and definitely impressive. The 1905 version (with blackened blade, not available) might have been closer to technically correct (different scabbard) but I wouldn't want any thing different. The M1 Garand and scabbard version was perfect. Thanks.
- Rand, August 02, 2017
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