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Longleaf Traditional Kukri Blade


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These original battle kukri blades were made prior to 1890. Some were made much earlier, but it’s difficult to determine the exact date. Each kukri is hand made; the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hammered in Nepal by individual Kamis. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. Blade only without the handle or scabbard. No markings.
  • Approx. 19" long, 2-1/2" wide, 3/8"thick


Pretty nice blade, but it did need some repairs. I had to wet sand it with 360 grit and REM oil to get some of the rust off. And I had to reshapen the tip. I'm happy with it, it was a nice little restoration project. I can't wait to make a bolster for it and get a handle on it.
Reviewed by: , Guest user, July 15, 2017
Absolutely beautiful.  Once I cleaned the grease off the steel it stuck me thstvthis is a physical piece of history in my hands.  Very humbling.  I will absolutely be purchasing more of these beautiful blades.
Reviewed by: , Guest user, May 12, 2017
A fabulous find.  The weight of this blade is unbelievable, it's a monster.  The cosmolene(?) came off easily with turpentine.  There are no nicks in the cutting edge, no rust spots, and no pitting.  As soon as I finish this one, I'm getting another.  Every blade fanatic should buy one before they're all gone.
Reviewed by: Philip, October 08, 2016
This blade was in very nice shape for its age. Edge is in good condition and no rust, just scuffing and staining. The fullers are well defined and has some well done markings on the back. Will put it in an Indian all steel sword hilt like some were done. Very pleased, will order more.
Reviewed by: Michael, August 08, 2011

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