• M48 Cyclone Knife


    M48 Cyclone Knife

    # 404250

    This knife has a thick 2Cr13 stainless steel blade cast into a twist. Handle is fiberglass reinforced nylon with stainless steel guard and skull crusher pommel. Includes TPR nylon belt sheath...
  • M48 Cyclone Spear


    M48 Cyclone Spear

    # 601096

    This tough spear was built for durability and strong use. The M48 Cyclone Spear has three spiraling cutting edges, coming down to an incredibly sharp piercing point.  United Cutlery has taken...
  • M48 Falcon Karambit


    M48 Falcon Karambit

    # 404744

    From the M48 Liberator series, United Cutlery’s Falcon Karambit Knife is another triumphant update of a tried and true historical design into a modern, tactical weapon.  From the M48 Liberator...
  • M48 Liberator Trench Knife


    M48 Liberator Trench Knife

    # 404745

    This M48 Liberator is a cool update on the classic military trench knife.  This M48 Liberator is a cool update on the classic military trench knife. It has a razor-sharp blade with a two-toned,...
  • M48 Ops Combat Saw Back Bowie has half-serrated cutting edge, full tang 420A Stainless Steel blade with Titanium finish


    M48 Ops Combat Bowie

    # 404813

    The M48 Ops Combat Bowie will have you covered no matter what special operation or dangerous mission you are facing. Includes a military-style, reinforced M.O.L.L.E. sheath.   Maximum...
  • M48 OPS Tanker Combat Dagger


    M48 OPS Tanker Combat Dagger

    # 404742

    This double-edged combat dagger is one piece of CNC machined 3Cr13 stainless steel with a sharp point, ridged and perforated handle for sure grip, and open-ring pommel for control. Includes tough...
  • M48 OPS Tanker Combat Karambit


    M48 OPS Tanker Combat Karambit

    # 404743

    This modernized karambit design is a weapon that you can count on. One-piece 3Cr13 stainless steel construction with a black finish, it has weight-reducing thru-holes. The curved blade is...
  • M48 Tactical Kukri with Sheath


    M48 Tactical Kukri with Sheath

    # 404251

    The M48 Tactical Kukri has been designed to function as a multi-purpose blade. The M48 Tactical Kukri is a must-have for survivalists, tactical personnel, outdoorsmen or anyone who appreciates fine...
  • M48 Tsunami Dagger


    M48 Tsunami Dagger

    # 404583

    The twisting blade on this dagger has a two-tone satin and black oxide-coated finish and it narrows to a penetrating point. The edges are positioned perfectly for maximum damage. The overall weight...
  • M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife


    M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife

    # 404579

    The M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife is everything that you’re looking for in a workhorse everyday carry, especially if every day is a tactical mission.  The M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife is everything...
  • United Cutlery M48 Highland Sgian Dubh


    United Cutlery M48 Highland Sgian Dubh

    # 404368

    This sleek and modern version of the traditional Scottish dagger features a 2Cr13 stainless steel blade with a nonreflective black oxide coating and a chic satin surface grind. Accented with three...

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