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Martini Henry Type II Striker, LSA Marked

Manufacturer part number: NB4018


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We have found a cache of original, British-made Martini Henry strikers among the material from Nepal. In a Martini Henry, the striker and striker spring are the two parts most often needing replacement. Until now, replacements have been unavailable for many years. The strikers come in two models, but all strikers are compatible with all models of the rifle. Many are marked with the month and year of manufacture and are apparently spares. Most show no evidence of use. We have sorted them according the model and the markings on the striker. The basic division is between the type II, which has lightening cuts, and the type III, which does not have the cuts.

This striker was manufactured by London Small Arms. LSA was a small contractor and LSA-marked strikers are VERY RARE.


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