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National Camping Month

The weather is finally heating up and the kids are out of school. What should you do?  Enjoy June and National Camping Month! Take advantage of the great outdoors by visiting one of our many National, State or County parks and stay active. To help you get the most out of your outdoor experience, ACC has created a special selection of items that will make any outdoor trip easier and more fun. Unplug and kick back with nature.
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Cobra Steel Sweeping Drop Point

The razor sharp, tactical, D2 tool steel satin finished folding blade has laser etchings and is hardened to a 59 RC. G-10 scales with Cobra Steel patterns. Includes pocket clip.
$66.62 $69.95

Cobra Steel Iris Leaf

This razor sharp drop point folding pocket knife from Cobra Steel is a tactical D2 tool steel EDC. The Iris Leaf design was inspired by Japanese katana and tanto blades. Includes matching satin finished pocket clip.
$59.95 $69.95

Windlass Field Knife HD

The hand-forged knife has a full profile tang with hand-stitched, heavy grade genuine leather wrap. Hammer pommel is blackened steel. Overall 10 inches.
$33.28 $39.95

EDC Survival Cards

$2.95 $5.95

Windlass Cobra Steel Falcata

This Cobra Steel Falcata survival knife features a hand-forged and fully tempered, X46Cr13 high grade stainless steel blade.

Solid Copper Coffee Mug


Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Windlass Cobra Steel Kindjal

This is a very nice 21st Century version of a classic blade pattern.
Good weight, decent balance, really good steel and a GREAT handle!

On first handling this blade I was stuck by several thoughts the first of which was  " Holy $!*% I better be careful with this thing"

The tip has a very sharp point almost like a rapier and after a few passes with a diamond stone the blade took a razor edge.

My second thought was  " This was nicely done, l really like the handle and this is very good steel."

I will doubtless buy the Lakonia  and then start asking Windlass to make a Gladius and Pugo in Cobra Steel
Reviewed by: Matthew, June 16, 2018

Review of: Master Hunter

The Master Hunter is a great, no non-sense fixed blade. I have owned a Master Hunter for years, and it has become my go to fixed blade. It has a great feel, the blade is just the right size to make it adaptable for many applications from camping/hunting to personal defense. Nothing flashy with this one, just a great knife!
Reviewed by: Eddie, June 07, 2018

Review of: Cobra Steel Sweeping Drop Point

Does anyone know where the hell I can get a bit / screwdriver for that weird, three-pronged torque screw??  I've looked, and can't find it's match.  It would be good if they could send one along with the knife.  Otherwise, it's a keeper.  4 stars
Reviewed by: , May 08, 2018

Review of: Primitive Bowie Knife

Very impressive. Well finished.
Reviewed by: duncan, September 09, 2017

Review of: Downhome Hunter Knife

exactly as advertized and the sheath is well made with thick leather. better than expected
Reviewed by: john, August 20, 2017

Review of: Downhome Hunter Knife

Good sturdy knife with nice weight and excellent quality for the price.  It arrived sharpened and I was surprised how solid the spine was, as well the overall feel in my hand.  The value of this utility knife for the price can't be beat.
Reviewed by: Eric, July 23, 2017

Review of: Downhome Hunter Knife

Good solid camp knife that looks like it will stand up to years of hard use.  And for less than $20 - that's a bargain.  Great deal.
Reviewed by: , July 08, 2017

Review of: Eating Tool

Extremely useful tool,I'm a veteran,Army 1973-1976..wish we had these back then!🇺🇸
Reviewed by: Michael, June 02, 2017

Review of: Downhome Hunter Knife

Quality of workmanship is very good.scales fit perfactly, Rugged all around knife/tool. Keep up the good work!
Reviewed by: Michael, June 02, 2017

Review of: Roper Sand Viper Folding Knife - Set of 2

Fit and finish excellent. Went right into my collection
Reviewed by: Robert, April 30, 2017