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Obsidian Leaf Blade Knife


This Obsidian Leaf Blade knife is hand knapped and crafted of all-natural materials. Made in the USA using beautiful obsidian for the blade, a hand-selected stag crown, and bound with natural sinew. Includes a natural antler stand.


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This Obsidian Leaf Blade knife is hand knapped and crafted of all-natural materials, the same way Native Americans made knives for survival centuries ago. Tony Stanfield makes these flint-knapped knives by hand, using beautiful Obsidian (volcanic glass) for the blades. He then selects a stag crown that best compliments the blade and binds the two pieces the same way pre-historic cave dwellers did - with natural sinew. Each knife is a unique piece of art, with a blade and handle that look like no other. The butt of each handle is etched with a primitive wolf paw. Includes a small section of antler shaped into a simple prop so you can stand the knife for display (please see photos). Since this knife is all-natural, color, grain, and exact size will vary from photo.

  • Overall: approximately 8" long
  • Blade: approximately 3-1/4" long, 1-3/8" wide, 1/4" thick
  • Wt: Approximately 4 oz
  • Each knife is handcrafted of naturally occurring materials
  • Has a primitive-style wolf paw etched in the end
  • Blades are attached using sinew
  • Comes with a natural antler stand

Note: This is not an authentic Indian-made product. Read more.


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