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Celebrate our Founders Day with us! Windlass Steelcrafts was founded on March 23rd, 1943. For a limited time, get 15% off ALL Windlass items!

And we are sweetening the deal with an overstock sale!   Get up to 30% off on select knives and tools for everyday use as well as collectibles from the Civil War and World Wars. Use code WINDLASS15. Hurry, the sale ends on April 15th!!

  • Windlass Cobra Steel Kindjal

    Windlass Cobra Steel

    Windlass Cobra Steel Kindjal

    # 402578

    All purpose tactical knife from Windlass Cobra features a hand-forged, high grade 420 stainless steel blade. Includes a riveted leather belt sheath. Comes with a factory edge.   Another all purpose tactical knife in the Windlass Cobra line! Like...
  • Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe

    # 600244

    This tomahawk is hand-forged with a high carbon steel blade. Handle has cross-hatched bands and metal inlays. Overall 22 inches.   Used as both weapon and ceremonial object, the tomahawk was created in an astonishing variety of shapes. This...
  • Cavalry Sword Hanger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Cavalry Sword Hanger

    # 200260

    This sword hanger has 3" long brass belt clip. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons.  This sword hanger is made to clip onto an existing belt with straps sized to the perfect length for horseback carry of...
  • Solid Copper Soup Mug

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Solid Copper Soup Mug

    # 730019

    These solid, sturdy copper mugs are great for re-enactors and campers as they keep drinks, soups and stews hot longer.  These solid copper soup mugs are favored by many re-enactors because they keep drinks, soups and stews hot longer. Great for...
  • Javelin Head

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Javelin Head

    # 600038

    Our replica javelin head has been hand-forged of tempered steel. Modeled after the deadly spears used by the light infantry of the ancient Greek Peltasts, these spearheads will fit a 7/8" wooden shaft. Overall 9 inches.  The Peltasts or light...
  • Jambiya Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Jambiya Knife

    # 402118

    This Jambiya is a functional replica of the historic design found in Persia and India. Comes factory sharp.   Circa 1400's The Jambiya is found in every country that has been inhabited by the Arabs, from Turkey to the Balkans, even in Spain. It is...
  • Iron Feasting Utensils w/ Pouch

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Iron Feasting Utensils w/ Pouch

    # 800438

    These feasting utensils fit in a tie-fold, leather belt pouch. Handle for each piece features the traditional blacksmith’s twist. Approximately 8" long overall.  Finally, feasting utensils for the re-enactor on the go! Great for Viking and medieval...
  • Raven Claw Fighting Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Raven Claw Fighting Knife

    # 401472

    This fantasy fighting knife has a blackened blade, cast metal hilt and, metal and leather scabbard. Overall 19-1/2 inches. Comes factory sharp.  This wicked Raven Claw Fighting Knife's hilt is cast metal and the deadly blade is blackened to a deep...

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