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P-1796 Gurkha Third Model BB Flintlock Musket



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The Gurkha Kingdom of Nepal fell under the "influence" of Great Britain represented by the East India Company after the Treaty of Seguli of 1816. Thereafter Britain showered all types of aid onto its new ally, including muskets and components which were assembled into functional weapons in Kathmandu under British supervision (although official records suggest that much of this may have been undertaken surreptitiously as Britain was still wary of arming such a formidable former adversary). The muskets, originally made as 3rd model Brown Besses, were assembled after 1816 and converted to percussion at some later date. Each English made lock shows the Gurkha coat of arms, which combines the oldest temple in Kathmandu (still existing) with the East India Company rampant Lion holding a Crown (a symbol found on virtually all E.I.C. weapons post 1808.) Each musket is fitted with a 39" .75 bore barrel bearing the "footprint" touchmark of the Royal Gurkha Arsenal at Naku. The traditional Brown Bess brass ramrod pipes, "S" sideplate, triggerguard and butt plate make this one of the rarest of all British weapons seen in Colonial service. An original early 19th century classic. Complete with all steel ramrod ready to display. There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item.


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