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P-1841 Brunswick Officer’s Parts Musket

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The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a 36" barrel incorporating two groove rifling for a belted ball. Trials continued to experiment with multiple grooved rifling and eventually, in 1841, a smooth-bore version was experimentally developed. In effect an inane trial in that the whole point of the adoption of the Brunswick was the increased accuracy of a rifled barrel. (Conceivably these trials were for comparison purposes for accuracy and rate of fire.) The “manufactured” smooth Brunswick’s were soon abandoned and now are only a footnote to military firearms history.

These Gurkha made examples were found in Military Storage in their homeland of Nepal. These particular Martini Infantry Rifles were used by the Gurkha detachments mostly in the Indian Sub Continent and are offered in half rifles or parts guns. Each rifle is offered totally as found, incomplete, broken, un-cleaned and un-refurbished. Totally covered and caked with dried on grease, dirt and rust, they can be used for parts, rebuilt or displayed as found. No guarantees as to what use or damage may be found after more than 100 years of neglect and storage. 

Each gun will feature:
The barrel and action (which may be incomplete.)  There is no guarantee for any other parts.  

Condition: usually show rust & pitting and be covered in dirt as originally stored.  All sales are final, so please do not order this if you are not prepared to receive an incomplete, broken parts gun with various missing parts.


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