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P-1842 Percussion Musket



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This is the first mass production, percussion weapon of the British Empire. Largely following in the style of the flintlock Brown Bess Musket, it has a 39" barrel and brass mounts. This pattern musket was introduced after the "Great Fire" of the Tower of London on October 30, 1841.  Destroying over 200,000 Brown Bess Muskets that had been converted to the percussion system, England was left short of small arms. The P-1842 was a fine musket that was highly effective in volley fire and saw service throughout the British Empire.  It was imported by both Union and Confederate Forces during the Civil War.  The condition of this antique is fair to good. There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item. We can hand select the best one for an additional fee.


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