Patriot Day

Atlanta Cutlery proudly remembers Patriot Day, officially known as the National Day of Service and Remembrance, every September 11th in honor of the individuals who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and commemorates the unity and courage shown in response to it.

America acknowledges this day a variety of different ways from homes and businesses across the nation, including:

  • Flying flags at half-mast.
  • Holding a moment of silence in honor for those that lost their lives when the first plane struck the World Trade Center.
  • Your church or house of worship may host a special service you can attend.
  • You can visit the many memorials throughout the country. Just keep in mind that the museum/memorial located on site is closed during the day on that day for its own special ceremony. It re-opens at 3 p.m. to the public for a special viewing, where two beams of light in the shape of the Twin Towers, are shot four miles into the sky. Can't get there? It's visible from over 60 miles away!

This is not a day to commercialize and take advantage of in a retail setting, it is one of solemn thoughts and prayers. Should you wish to act on this day, join us in doing at least one good deed that helps someone else to show how much you care about the tragedy, our country and those living in it and honor their memory today.

Lastly, don't confuse Patriot Day with Patriots' Day, which is celebrated on the third Monday in April. Patriots' Day commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which took place in 1775 and marked the start of the Revolutionary War.

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9/11/2019 8:15 AM
Congratulations. Definitely not a day to commercialize. Keep up the good work
9/11/2019 8:39 AM
I have been to the Flight 93 National Memorial and to the twin towers site.  The pentagon is on my list.  Brave and beautiful folks that died while just trying to live their lives.  Rips my heart out everytime!  I was home that day with a broken leg and watched the entire coverage on my TV.  Did not sleep that night and many after.  

Let's remember that our fellow citizens are our strength and our not my enemy.
9/11/2019 12:47 PM
Thank you, nice article on Patriot Day.
9/11/2019 2:27 PM
Never Forget!  God Bless and God Speed!
9/11/2019 5:38 PM
Atlanta Cutlery : Thank you for sharing this about 9-11.   ///   Wm. E. Lawson
9/11/2019 6:59 PM
Never forget!