Rajah II Kukri Pocket Folder


Kukri style pocket folder has a broad, downward curved aus 8A stainless blade, and long, fiberglass reinforced plastic handle. Overall 14 inches.
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The Kukri's attributes and potential as a weapon and a tool have been well documented. Cold Steel has created a version you can carry in your pocket as a folder.

The Rajah II folder, designed by Andrew Demko, is big enough to approximate the feel and heft a fixed blade Kukri. The broad, downward curved aus 8A stainless blade exhibits the best of a Kukri's characteristics. First, the unique shape presents the thin, hollow ground edge at just the right angle so it naturally bites deep instead of bouncing or skidding off. And secondly the points are thick, wide and sharp enough to pierce even the toughest targets.

The 8" long Grivory handle, a fiberglass reinforced plastic, has some of the contours of fixed blade Kukris with the addition of strategically placed curves and finger grooves. These features will facilitate 3 grip styles. One - very close to the cutting edge where you can really choke up on the handle for fine or delicate work. Two - by the middle for ordinary chores. And three - near the end or butt where you will have the most leverage and weight forward balance for heavy cutting or chopping and where you will receive maximum reach advantage.

The only suitable lock that can sustain the incredible impact forces generated by chopping strokes with a Rajah folder is the TRI-AD lock. Designed specifically to take pressure off the smaller, more fragile interlocking surfaces of a rocker lock and transfer them to a uniquely positioned stop pin that will absorb and distribute these forces through the handle frame.

Carry the Rajah as you would any folder, using the stainless clip to attach it to any reasonably sized pocket or clip it in your waistband. In an emergency all you have to do is grab it and open it in the conventional manner or snag its unique thumb plate on the edge of a pocket and snap it open.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length14"
Blade Length6"
Blade Thickness3/16"
Weight13.4 oz


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Write a Review
Only downside is what is so awesome with this knife. It's shear size requires a long pocket to sheath but it is worth a new pair of jeans or a tactical vest. I refer to the words of Mick Dundee, "that's a knife".
- Russell, November 15, 2014
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