Rare Experimental WWI Hat Knife

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This extraordinary bayonet hat is one of those weird and curious wonders that would have allowed a soldier in the trenches to defend or attack by either charging head long or removing their head piece for more conventional hand-to-hand combat. The brainchild of Philip Baker in England, it was patented in 1916 and submitted to the War Office for approval. Although ultimately denied (they deemed it too dangerous) it is amazing in its own right. The only prototype came to light just last year from a private collector.  Designed to be retrofit onto a hat, metal helmet or pith helmet (each with minor adjustments). Ours follows the original patent drawings and is made from leather, high carbon steel blade and aluminum base with locking slide collar.  Includes leather sheath with brass fittings as the prototype had. The only production version of its kind. Pith helmet and knife available separately.

  • Blade: 8-1/2".


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