Reasons for Throwing Knives

Reasons for Throwing Knives

28th Aug 2018

Throw some knives- it’ll make you feel much better. Not at people, but at wooden (or styrofoam) targets, and let off some steam! And it’s easy, this business of throwing knives. It’s ingrained in us. As a species, we’ve been hurling objects forever. One of the first things babies learn to do is to sit up. Then they throw stuff. Here's our selection of therapeutic hand tools. So, it’s not surprising that one of man’s first tools of hunting was a knife. Also, this practice can actually be quite therapeutic and a great way to get your mind off things.

A simple activity

Throwing knives is a simple activity. There is no need for a court or ground, hoops or goalposts. All you need is a target and a knife. It’s a primal activity and sometimes just what we need. Simply enjoy that wonderful sound of pointed metal striking wood. To learn how to throw a knife properly, you can access the many videos online. Or don’t. This is an enjoyable exercise and it’s sometimes best if you stay away from the technicalities and just have fun.

A stress reliever

If you are stressed out then this could help. Of course, there are some stress-related issues that are best dealt with on the psychiatrist’s couch but, for others, try throwing knives first. It’s much cheaper. Also, acquiring and mastering a new skill can be useful to your mental health. Put your tensions into a shiny blade and hurl it at a wooden target. It may be just the thing you need to get rid of the stress. 

Not hard on the pocket

Throwing knives offers entertainment and will not cost you much. First and foremost, find a spot where you can enjoy the fun. Perhaps a tree or an old fence can serve as the target. Or an abandoned lot where all you’ll need is plywood for a target and then you can just let rip.   

Atlanta Cutlery has a selection of high-quality throwing knives. We also carry several other excellent knives that you may fancy. Check them out and let us know what you think.