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SA WWII Service Dagger


An exacting replica made of high carbon steel blade. It features a SA runes button, a high-necked grip eagle, a typical RZM grip and gray nickel-plated surfaces.
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The SA, or Brown Shirts, were a private political group formed in 1921 which Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP used to maintain order at organized Party meetings and demonstrations. This is an exacting replica made from an original example of a later-produced SA Dagger. The hardwood grip is a typical RZM grip and fits the cross guard well. Features a SA runes button and a “high-necked” grip eagle. The scabbard has the correct color with polished nickel mounts and dome head steel screws.

Includes leather hanger complete with retainer loop. The hardware is the later type having gray nickel-plated surfaces. The high carbon steel blade is well made and carries the SA motto “ALLES FüR DEUTSCHLAND” crisply engraved. The ricasso features an open double RZM circle and the manufacturer’s code “M7/42”.

Please note: ACC holds no sympathetic regard toward Nazis, fascists, or other neo-political parties, past or present. This product is intended for historical purposes only.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Materialhigh carbon steel


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Write a Review
I have one
I think it was in the war and was used what does the writing on the blade say
- Jackson, May 29, 2020
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I ordered both, the SA, and SS daggers, and received 3-30-2020.  Very pleased with the overall quality, and accuracy of the daggers.  Kudos to Windlass.  Great reproduction, great price.
- Steve, March 31, 2020
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Size ????
I ordered one each SA and SS daggers for Christmas to me :)  … I received both on time amd in good condition , my objection or discrepancy is they are in the grip small . I am a 5 ft 9 in  man … big hand but not huge … I do not know where made , I assume China … but it is to small to be comfortably held in my hand … YU cud maybe suggest to yur supplier to increase the size to accommodate American Hands … Thank You
- Stephen, March 06, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Well made, quite accurate. The SA badge could use a better inlay. All in all, a fine reproduction.
- Daniel, June 27, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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