Scottish Dirk


This modern Dirk has a Rosewood handle capped with contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster & disc-shaped pommel. Leather scabbard included. Overall 18-3/8 inches.

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This Scottish Dirk version is a modern replica that harkens back to an earlier form, when the dirk was a functioning tool and weapon. The blade is forged to a hard spring temper from 1055 Carbon steel. It comes combat sharp and battle-ready, prepared to hew down any foe. The attractive Rosewood handle is capped with a contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster and disc-shaped pommel, and an handsome leather scabbard completes the package. The scabbard features an extra wide belt loop with a blued-steel throat and chape.

This is the perfect companion piece to complete your Highland ensemble, a real fighting dirk, instead of a useless piece of metal.

Key Measurements:

  • Overall: 18-3/8"
  • Blade: 13" long, 1-1/2" wide
  • Wt: 18.9 oz

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Products specifications
Overall Length 18-3/8"
Blade Length 13"
Blade Width 1-1/2"
Weight 1 lb/ 3 oz
Material 1055 High Carbon Steel
Scabbard yes


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Happy Scot
Excellent, a sharper edge could have been accomplished, but I certainly am not disappointed.  This was a smooth transaction.  Thanks,  I will return for more purchases.

J Wheeler
- John, August 08, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Good for show, good for go!
I was only slightly disappointed at the unusually long time I had to wait between ordering and receiving my dirk.  However, when I got it out and cleaned the creosote off of it and found it to be razor sharp, I was well-pleased.  It looks fancy enough to be a centerpiece for my Scottish-American Military Society uniform, yet has a wonderful balance if I have to fall back on it in a tactical situation.  I have to grin, as I have a background in fencing and SCA free-style sword fighting (rapier and flex-dagger), so I should be right at home with dirk and sgian dubh, both of which are razor sharp from Atlanta Cutlery.  Thanks, guys!  Now I know why no one makes fun of a man wearing a kilt!
- David, June 13, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Yes, I am very happy with the purchase. Hard to go wrong with Cold Steel products. Very nice! Thank you.
- Frank, July 09, 2017 | Verified Purchase
A bragh, keen, and high quality product!  The edge is keen , and the blade strong. I would'na worry about reccomending this Dirk to any of my kin, and clan.
- Richard, November 13, 2016 | Verified Purchase
Totally outstanding! Now this is a dagger/short sword. It is well made and worth every penny that I paid for it.
- Currie, July 04, 2016 | Verified Purchase

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Products specifications
Overall Length 18-3/8"
Blade Length 13"
Blade Width 1-1/2"
Weight 1 lb/ 3 oz
Material 1055 High Carbon Steel
Scabbard yes
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