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Shuki Knives

Shuki Drai has more than 26 years of Martial Arts, Personal/VIP Security, Military and Tactical experience. He has studied and trained with masters from several martial arts fields using a wide variety of weapons. His training and expertise earned him 2010 Senior Tactical Instructor Close Quarters Combat, 2017 Master Rank Honor from the World Head of Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, the WOMA Sports Award from Special Office for Martial Arts and a Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences from the International University of Martial Arts Sciences. His creativity comes out in his unique inventions and designs many of which are patented and in use around the world today. He is the founder of Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDT/SC) specializing in teaching military, law enforcement and security related tactical responses and skills. He is an ‘in demand’ seminar leader, working with many Law Enforcement Departments, State and Government Agencies (of the United States and of friendly/allied Countries), Fortune 500 Companies, the Military and Security Agencies.

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Shuki III S18 Defense Knife

This multipurpose tool features a curved blade, multiple thumb rises, and guard peaks. The handle is shaped with finger grooves and spaced sections of teeth for a secure grip. The bow of the spine forms a tight anatomical fit and the heel has a retention strap capability.

Shuki IV S.R.T. Rescue Tool

In one design, this tool encompasses survival, self-defense, rescue, and multi-tool functions and has many unique dual features such as the ability to break glass two different ways. Choose satin silver (ON CLOSEOUT) or black.