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Steven Seagal Helmet Breaker


Reproduced from Steven Seagal's collection, this unusual knife has a polished 1060 high carbon steel blade with hand painted and distressed scabbard. Overall Length 19-1/4 inches.


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This Steven Seagal Helmet Breaker knife from Cold Steel is used to block, hook and parry an opponent’s sword and to manipulate, wrench and bludgeon at an opponent’s armored head in grappling range. Rumored to be capable of prying open armor like an oversized battlefield can opener. It’s piercing point glides through armored targets while the thick spine can be used to parry, deflect and turn the heaviest of swords. Its stout upturned “hook” can be used as a guard while also trapping and binding an opponent''s blade. While testing this devastating weapon, Steven nicknamed it the “Mind Bender” because of its incredible bone crushing power!

Painstakingly reproduced from an antique original in Steven’s collection, every inch of this unusual weapon is made to the highest standards, from the polished 1060 high carbon steel blade to the hand painted and distressed scabbard (which replicates Steven’s battle worn antique original). A unique collector’s piece that’s sure to become the talking point of any collection.

Key Measurements:

  • Overall Length: 19-1/4"
  • Blade: 13"
  • Wt: 1 lb / 11 oz

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