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This is a beautiful Navajo handcrafted club. It is wrapped in buckskin with feathers fashioned along the pipe with real horsehair, arrowheads, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity by the artist. Consists of a river rock bound onto a hardwood handle with rawhide. It is then wrapped with deerskin and adorned with a medicine bundle for supernatural abilities in battle, simulated eagle feathers which must be earned by feats of bravery, a small bone from a fox to enhance the cunning of its owner and a tuft of horse hair from his favorite pony. Approx. 15" long. Stone size and color varies.


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Write a Review
This is a true work of art. I recently ordered this product, and can not wait for it to come. A handmade club like this, for the price it is listed at, is nearly impossible to find. When wood is wrapped in either rawhide or leather, the club gains flexibillity, enabling the striking power. Just by the looks of it, it is beautiful. Real fox bone is very rare, and the eagle feathers had to be simulated, for using eagle feathers are illegal.The medicinal pouch and the horse hair adds to the charisma of the club. All in all, it looks to be a durable work of art.
- Gail, July 22, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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