Stun, Stagger & Stop DVD


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If you are suddenly attacked, a heavy walking stick or stout cane can be a great comfort. This DVD from Cold Steel will give you the necessary skill and confidence necessary to overcome muggers, gang members and other street lowlifes determined to attack you or members of your family.

In This DVD You Will Learn About:
  • The Power Stroke
  • The Fan
  • The Drop Stroke
  • The Wrap Stroke
  • The Flurry
  • The Punyo
  • The Redondo
  • How to Hit Using One or Both Hands
  • How to Build Strength, Agility and Power in Your Strikes
  • Perfect Your Defense by Learning How to Stop Hit, Counter Slash, Block, Parry, Pass and Shield
  • How to Defend Yourself Against an Opponent Who's Trying to Wrest Your Stick Away from You, Using One or Even Both Hands
  • Demonstrations of the Multiple Ways to Fight Off an Opponent who Charges and Tries to Grapple You to the Ground
  • How to Escape from a Standing Grapple Situation or How to Get Back into the Fight if You are Dragged to the Ground
  • Strategy and Tactics for Dealing with Multiple Attackers, Edged Weapons and Blunt Impact Weapons
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