Sword Umbrella - ACC Patented Design

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This patented sword umbrella opens quickly and has a hidden 10" blade which can be drawn with the umbrella open or closed. Umbrella is 18-1/4" closed while it telescopes to 28" overall.


Here's a combination sword and umbrella at an affordable price to help keep you dry and safe from muggers. The sharp 10" long, surgical stainless steel blade has a tapered point specifically designed for deep penetration (we drove one through a steel helmet with no deformation to the blade or point). The blade is spring tempered to flex up to 30º and never break or take a set. Weighing only 18 oz, this umbrella stands 18-1/4" closed and telescopes to 28". You can draw the sword with the umbrella open or closed. The double nylon fabric creates a 36" wide dome.

Stores easily in your briefcase, glove compartment or trench coat pocket. Comes with nylon storage sleeve. Instructions included.

LIGHTNING FAST DRAW: From double-locked to unsheathed takes only 2 seconds with umbrella open or closed.  The incredibly smooth Double Lock System prevents accidental opening.

SAFE TO USE: Umbrella mechanism is totally separate from the blade locks. No accidental openings.

Patented by Atlanta Cutlery, made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Cannot ship to CA, DC, NY, RI or Canada.

NOTE: The Sword Umbrella is not a toy! It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with and comply with any and all state, local and federal laws.




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