The Viking Explorer

windlass steelcrafts manufactured discontinued items



This item has been retired by the manufacturer.

This box of Viking Goods will keep any Nordic explorer happy. Starting with our popular Ashdown Viking sword, a high carbon steel sword with an extra-wide filler, soft leather grip, and decorated crossguard, you'll also receive a natural horn drinking vessel with a carved knotwork and dragon design. You'll also get our Viking Coin Pouch, filled with 8 replica Viking coins. Finally, you can hang our Pewter Raven Pendant from your neck and prepare for your voyage.

Windlass Steelcrafts has forged the Ashdown sword from high carbon steel. The full, extra-wide fuller makes the blade light, yet deadly. The crossguard has been lavishly decorated with raised knotwork. Both it and the pommel are steel which has been darkened to a forge finish. Soft worn leather covers the wooden grip. A matching period leather scabbard with a belt is included.

The drinking horn has been intricately carved with a knotwork dragon surrounded with Viking runes and includes an adjustable leather belt holster. The leather pouch closes with a drawstring allowing it to be tied to your belt or a saddle. Included are 8 Viking coins finished in silver, copper, and gold flashing. The pewter necklace has a raven in the center with a band of runes circling. Valued at $414.80, save 15% over buying individually!