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Warrior Nodachi



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Discontinued by Manufacturer
The Warrior Series of Japanese styled swords from Cold Steel offers an affordable blade by omitting the expensive mirror polish and using a more practical finish.

This Warrior Nodachi is very handsome and shares the same 1055 steel, heat treatment and sharpness as more expensive counterparts. Features a Samé covered, cord wrapped handle and quality fittings. Come complete with a black lacquered scabbard  and a blue/violet cover bag.
  • Overall: 57"
  • Blade: 34" long
  • Wt: 69.6 oz
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Write a Review
As a long standing ( 40 + years ) collector of real Japanese swords, I found the quality of shaping of the blade of this item to be excellent in terms of length,width and thickness and proportion. Until I have an occasion to remove the handle ( which all Japanese weapons were designed and built to have done for a multitude of reasons , including maintenance), I can't comment about the tang (nakago) dimensions or quality. However the two handle pegs ( mekugi) imply the tang (nakago) is probably of reasonable dimensions. The handle looks quite good for the price, and again only actual test use of the weapons will confirm or not if it meets a reasonable level of quality. The scabard fits well, but is dirty inside and would likely mar a finely polished blade surface, which this weapon doesn't have.The surface is left at around 200 grit roughness, but the blade appears to be sharp and well suited for test cutting (Tameshigiri).This blade may be one I saw tested in the Cold Steel test cutting video that I have. The blade is labeled as coming from Cold Steel, but appears to be of the quality of comparable blades made by Hanwei. For the price, it's an excellent alternative to a much more expensive original Japanese one ( which would be too valuable to even think of using for tameshigiri).

- Henrik, April 20, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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