Western Martial Arts Bokken

windlass steelcrafts manufactured discontinued items



Closeout! Reg $28, Now Only $10!

We've all seen Eastern, Katana looking bokkens, at last you can practice your European sword maneuvers! Just like any practice Bokken, our new addition will hold up to one on one combat. Sized like a hand-and-a-half sword with a 15/16" by 33" round “blade” married to a grooved wood handle which is similar to dive knives of WWII. Wood gets pretty slick when sweating and the ridges help keep a firm hold similar to those cast into US and German hard hat divers knives.  Reinforcing metal ring helps to avoid chipping. The simple design lends itself to embellishments of your own.  Add a cross guard, wrap the grip, what ever you want to make it uniquely yours.
  • Overall: 44"