Why buy a training knife?

Why would you buy a training knife, the answer seems simple right? Obviously, to become a better knife fighter, but this is an inappropriate line of thought. Any altercation with a threat of physical violence on the level of using weaponry should be avoided at all costs. But using a training knife CAN teach you to become familiar with a style of knife. Meaning how to hold it so that the edge faces a threat and what the effective range of motion will be. It can also immensely help build your muscle memory, which is essential for seamlessly deploying your knife under pressure. Not that all training knife use is for battle. Many martial arts teach weapon-based katas, for those who use martial arts as a workout outlet a real weapon won't be necessary to enjoy the training. If you participate in a truly unscripted life-like sparing match with practice weapons it can teach you the best lesson of all, humility. In a violent conflict, it is all too easy to get grievously injured and it is always better to run and seek out help.

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