Atlanta Cutlery Knives – Six Amazing Exclusives

Atlanta Cutlery Knives – Six Amazing Exclusives

30th Jul 2018

Atlanta Cutlery works with some amazingly skilled knife makers who are capable of crafting remarkable original knives and replicating classics to their last detail. Other times, we just dig up some antiques and make them available to you.  Either way you get unique cutting tools with unique design and provenance.  Check out these six top-quality knives, including an American classic and two antique Nepalese blades.

German WWII Navy Diver's Knife

This replica has been expertly crafted from a rare original found at an auction. It features the same materials, and the workmanship and details do the original proud.  Including the solid brass tube sheath and alloy hilt with brass finish that thread into it. The blade is made from high carbon steel. The overall length of the knife is 12-1/2” and the blade length is 7-5/8”. The German WWII Navy Diver's Knife is perfect for the WWII, military or maritime collector. 

Windlass Field Knife HD

The HD in the name aptly stands for heavy duty. This field knife can take a gook licking and keep on ticking.  The features include a full profile tang that is strong and comfortable, and a good-looking hand-stitched, heavy grade genuine leather wrap that offers a very secure grip. The pommel is blackened, high carbon steel and the hand-forged blade is made of high carbon steel also. The knife’s overall length is 10” and the blade is 4-1/4" long, 1-1/8" wide and a hefty 1/4" thick.

Western Boot Knife

This knife is convenient to carry and perfect for the top of a boot. It features a nickel silver guard and hardwood grip. The blade is made of well-tempered high-carbon steel and takes a good edge. The overall length of the knife is 9-3/4" and the blade length is 5-1/2”. The Western Boot Knife weighs 6 oz. 

ACC Bowie Hammer Forged Finish

Atlanta Cutlery’s version of the iconic Bowie is made in its metal shop in Conyers, GA. Crafted with carefully picked steels and hardwoods, these knives are simple, beautiful and practical. The blade, which exhibits a hammer forged finish, is made of 9cr14MoV stainless steel and has a full tang with a 57RC. Other features include a stainless steel pommel, nickel plated guard and cocabola scales with red and black spacers. The knife is 12-3/4” overall with a blade length of 6-1/2”. It weighs 12-3/4 oz.

BhojPure Traditional Kukri

These kukris are genuine antiques. Think 1890 or earlier.  Each of these was made carefully and skillfully by hand, the steel smelted, forged, shaped and hammered by an expert from the Nepalese Kami clan. These much loved classics have seen action with the Nepali military and the British Army. The BhojPure Traditional Kukri is approximately 17” long,  2-1/2" wide and 3/8" thick.

Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

This is another classic knife which was at the height of its popularity during the 19th century.  This antique is hand forged and features a genuine horn handle. It was most likely carried by the elite Royal Guard and other soldiers of the Nepalese de facto ruler Bhimsen Thapa. The knives are around 7-3/4" long with 3-1/4" blades and features solid brass furniture.