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Soldiers past and present need a good belt for their pants and swords. We carry sword accessories for the Civil War re-enactor and well as those enlisted now.

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Wide Pirate Belt

This leather pirate belt complements any pirate outfit. Features large 4-1/2-inch antiqued brass buckle. Measures 56 inches long overall and 2-3/4 inches wide.

Pirate King Belt

This heavy belt is crafted of faux snakeskin and features antiqued nickel buckle and tip. Measures 48 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Air Force Belt

This Air Force Belt has a silver colored buckle with the "Hap" Arnold design. One size, adjustable up to 52".

Porvair Garrison Belt

This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in sizes 28", 40" and 44".
$39.95 $22.95

Brown Bess Leather Waist Belt With Bayonet Frog

This replica belt holster fits Brown Bess and similar muskets. Made up of top-grain black leather, it has a brass buckle and fits waists up to 52". Like the originals, it has a sewn-in bayonet frog and there are no holes for the buckle. You can create a custom fit by adding your own with an awl or similar tool.

Officer’s Style Pistol Belt

These heavy duty top-grain leather belts are 1-7/8" wide and adjustable to fit waists up to 50". Features solid brass buckle and hardware. Choose from brown with a US buckle or black with a USMC buckle.

Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

This Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt is made of black leather with a gold-plated buckle. For use with the Navy Officer Sword. Belt width is 1-3/4". Measure over your uniform.

Cavalry Sword Hanger

This sword hanger has 3" long brass belt clip. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

I purchased this belt many months ago for a historic naval officer's kit and am very pleased.  It fits well, serves well and looks great.  
Because I am a very short guy I did have to make some alterations but that was easily done and such a necessity should not keep anyone from making this purchase.
Reviewed by: Thomas J, April 10, 2020

Review of: Officer’s Style Pistol Belt

What a fantabulous reproduction !  Well made,simple design .
Reviewed by: Phillip, February 03, 2020

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

Looks great, authentic to original appearance.  Only problem is that the clips on the slings are too small for some of the original sword sling rings.  My sword is about 80 years old, carried by my father and me.  The old belt shrank in the dark closet.  Will have to adjust/modify the clips to fit for use.
Reviewed by: Claude, August 30, 2019

Review of: Cavalry Sword Hanger

Good, sturdy material. Mine was a bit more brown in real life
Reviewed by: Anastasia, November 23, 2018

Review of: Cavalry Sword Hanger

The product arrived in the prescribed time and was as described. It appears to be good quality, but of course everything I've ordered from Atlanta Cutlery has been good quality. This makes a great addition to my 1860 Light Union Calvery Saber.
Reviewed by: Roger, December 19, 2015

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

This quality of this item is superb!
Reviewed by: Billy, November 19, 2015

Review of: Cavalry Sword Hanger

Great price and item.
Reviewed by: Juan, October 05, 2015

Review of: Cavalry Sword Hanger

At least they give you enough strap to customize as you see fit.
Reviewed by: Carl, December 19, 2014

Review of: Cavalry Sword Hanger

High quality manufactured brass and supple new leather, a bit larger (longer) than I'd anticipated, which is all to the good.
Reviewed by: Gordon, May 18, 2013

Review of: Officer’s Style Pistol Belt

Reviewed by: bony, April 12, 2010