Camping Knives – Useful Tips

Knives are amazing camping tools. They are handy for tasks such as sharpening sticks, cutting rope and clearing a campsite. So, what is the ideal camping knife? Like most things, it is a matter of preference. There are several in the market of different shapes, sizes and styles. However, do not purchase something with extra features that you are never going to use. Marketers are clever in lulling you into buying knives you don’t need. So, here are some tips that will hopefully help you pick out your perfect camping blade.

There are knives and there are multi-tools. The latter are folding contraptions that feature a spectrum of tools (bottle openers, saws, etc). You can opt for either, but there are a few things you need to know. For hiking and campsites, a folder will do the job. They are lighter and easy to conceal besides offering you a range of options. Fixed blades are relatively cumbersome, but they do provide advantages like strength and safety. These blades do not run the risk of closing on your fingers and offer a stronger grip for tougher tasks like cutting up wood.

As for material, stainless steel is the popular choice for camping knives. It can be easily sharpened, can hold an edge and does not corrode easily. If you are someone who prefers an optimum edge every time and likes to sharpen the blade regularly then opt for carbon steel, but remember to keep the blade as dry as possible as carbon steel does not take kindly to water or any other fluid.  With regards to the ideal length, it can be anything as far as it is within the legal limits and the knife feels good in your hands.  Also, keep in mind that heavier, thicker knives are going to be stronger.

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