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Civil War Confederate Enlisted Men's Cream Leather Gauntlets


Confederate Enlisted Men's Cream Leather Gauntlets with wide cuffs without embroidery.



Made from cream colored leather, these Civil War enlisted men's gauntlets have wide cuffs without embroidery.

Available in medium, large and extra large sizes.

Also available in white leather gauntlets for union.


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Write a Review
Confederate gloves but not treasonous just gloves
These are my second pair of this style gloves. Both times great price. And quick delivery. The first pair has lasted my years way more then two or three. Just this year started wearing through and threads wearing out. So got another pair. Both fit like they where made for my hands. Both match my leather fringed western jacket. Like the cream Confederate color and design but without being racist just because Confederate. Which in the world today seems to be a growing problem. Hope these new ones last as long as the first because might not be able to get them again because they are Confederate. Which has because a bad thing. Just as the Rebel flag has and statues about the civil war on the Confederate side have because signs of treason. Not just things of history. Wish the USA the best in these new problems based off the long gone past. Civil War reenactments will probably become likes of the past just as the war is. But glad I got these before more stuff hits the fan. And it will.
- William, June 12, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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