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With the end of the year quickly approaching, holiday shopping is in full swing. To help you save money this holiday season, our experts at Atlanta Cutlery have rounded up the best gifts under $50 for all the outdoor and history enthusiasts in your life. Some of our favorites include the 1866 Double-Barreled Derringer,  the Philadelphia Derringer Dummy Gun, WWI Flying Ace Goggles, and the Old West Wanted Posters 12 Sheet Set. Find gift ideas that will keep your wallet—and your gift recipients—happy. Shop now!
  • US M7 Shoulder Holster

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    US M7 Shoulder Holster

    # 803404

    This reproduction WWII-era shoulder holster is made from top-grain leather with black finished metal hardware. Designed to fit 1911 style guns, it also fits Beretta 92, full-size Glocks, and similar guns.  This is a faithful reproduction of a WWII...
  • Blackthorn Walking Stick

    Cold Steel

    Blackthorn Walking Stick

    # 802958

    Cold Steel’s modern interpretation of the classic Blackthorn walking stick is made from high impact polypropylene. It’s incredibly durable and easy to clean with a little soap and water.  The Blackthorn bush has been prized for centuries in Ireland...
  • Throwing Bowie Knife

    Szco Supplies

    Throwing Bowie Knife

    # 400794

    This massive throwing Bowie is tough enough for hours of target practice. Stainless steel blade, smooth rosewood handle scales and solid brass cross guard completes this classic 19th century style knife. Comes with a leather scabbard. Order 2 for $49...
  • Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

    Flitz International

    Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

    # 801920

    This kit is exactly what you need to clean, polish & protect your knives, guns, and swords. Includes cleaner, polishing paste and wax protectant. Plus super soft micro-fiber cloth for application.  Working directly with the pros at Flitz we’ve...
  • WWI Trench Mace

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    WWI Trench Mace

    # 601043

    This durable trench club has a steel shim with the flanged ring over the top which is then pinned through. Shaft is solid, stained hardwood. Overall: 17"  This British trench club was made by placing a flanged metal ring on a standard entrenching...
  • Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 5" round


    Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 5" round

    # 701098

    With exquisite feel and density for handle scales, Sambar stag is a premium material. Banned from import, we are fortunate to have found a supply left over in our warehouse! These Sambar stag rounds are highly prized and in short supply. Finish your next...
  • African Walking Stick

    Cold Steel

    African Walking Stick

    # 802960

    Cold Steel African Walking Stick is made of black Polypropylene. Features an undulating shaft, and the traditional geodesic ball grip. Overall 37 inches.  The Zulus are perhaps the fiercest, most combative tribe in all South Africa. In the early...
  • Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 4" round


    Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 4" round

    # 701097

    We've found a source that imported ahead of the ban and are happy to bring this find to you. This is an Asiatic deer variety known for having less marrow in its antlers than North America deer, making them better suited for handle material and other home...

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