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Foam Bloody Club with Nails


This may look real, but is made of soft, friendly foam rubber! It is so realistically painted, even the nails look real!


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It’s easy to imagine this wooden stick terrorizing the locals in the hands of evil bogeymen from your favorite horror movies of the last few decades. But look again! This may look real, but is made of soft, friendly foam rubber! So go ahead and bash each other to your heart’s content, or be the hero who turns the bad guy’s own weapon against him. Realistically painted, even the nails look real! Will withstand up to 80 lbs. of force.

  • Overall: 28-3/4" long

Warning: Use common sense and restraint when using any weapon. Although these are foam covered they can still do harm. They are not toys and are intended for prop adult use only. Please use caution!


Write a Review
Write a Review
This foam rubber club presents as a deadly weapon but is in reality harmless.
It is way beyond my expectations!!
You will not be disappointed.
It looks like it will hold up well when the kids get their hands on it.
Well made.
- Michael, December 13, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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